Welcome !

Welcome to my  ” Little Place in Cyberspace . ” Most of you are reading this blog for the first time , having recieved my email invitation.

My purpose in putting this together is to share with you the best in  Christian  videos that you may not have ready access to . I search the archives of YouTube , GodTube , and VCY America and seek to share with you the best of the best from a conservative Christian perspective. I invite you to watch them , look around , make yourself at home , of course , please feel free to share your comments.

Note that on this main page , we have a link entitled ”  The Most Important Page. ” This is an explanation of the Gospel for anyone who may come across this site , and not have the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

After you look around , may I ask that you consider sharing this blog site with your friends and family ?  We will do all we can to keep posting brief , Biblically sound videos , as well as other spiritually uplifting information .

It’s my prayer that this little blog will be a blessing to many. May God Bless each of you as you strive to please Him.

Bob Hanks

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2 Responses to Welcome !

  1. Fran Erwin says:

    Bob, Thanks! Great pic of you and Linda. I know I will enjoy going to your links. I cannot believe I’m recommending a movie, but Paul and I did the ‘unthinkable’…we went to a movie and saw, Expelled with Ben Stien. Please go see it!!

  2. Danny Fleming says:

    Dear Bob and Linda,

    What a refreshing blog! I am grateful for your efforts to spread the Good News, not only to the Church but to the lost as well. Keep us on your e-mail list as well as updates and current information as you receive it. God Bless you all.

    Danny Fleming

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