Help an Atheist ! ( Watch This )

5 Reasons God Exists

Though most of us don’t need to be convinced , we still found this helpful especially when speaking with the occasional atheist or agnostic.

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5 Responses to Help an Atheist ! ( Watch This )

  1. matt says:

    I must suggest Christians and Atheist to read this book “The End of Reason” by Dr. Ravi Zacharias. This book forces the reader’s mind to do the critical thinking that is so lacking in Christianity today. It should also be considered required reading for the atheist who has never really looked at a logical argument for the existence of God, or the Christian who has never really critically analyzed his own faith. Check out more information on The End of Reason here

  2. michael says:

    This “video” starts with the assumption that the Christian god exists, something that has yet to be proven. Throw away your bible and show me the proof of his existance. The bible is simply a collection of legends (not historically accurate) passed verbally from generation to generation by people who lived in caves or tents and slept with their sheep. They were illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. It’s a shame human intelligence has yet to break free of such idiocy.

  3. bobhanks says:

    Micheal ,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have a question. Did you watch the video ? I ask this because rather than responding to the arguments made in the presentation , you give a handful of sweeping generalizations yet offer no facts to back them up. May I ask you to explain —
    1) What portion of the Bible is not historically accurate ? ( Please give chapter and verse and cite reputable historians. )
    2)What historical source do you use to advance the notion that the Biblical record was not written and only transmitted orally ? (There are numerous manuscripts preserved from that era.)
    3) Do you really believe that ALL people were illiterate, ignorant , and superstitious during this period ? ( Have you read any history about the people in these times ?)
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  4. Definitive proof that man did not write the Bible, therefore it must have been written by God, thus God exists…

    Man did not write the Bible because it teaches circumcision, and no man in his right mind would ever think of putting a knife to his manhood. Case closed!

    No, I aint kidding.

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