Quotes to Ponder

” If you want to understand Christianity ,  do not shut your Bible — open it , read it !

Read the books of Moses , the prophets, the Psalms ; they all point to Him. Study your Bible. It is ignorance that binds men and women of this generation and keeps them outside of Christ.   So do not have a hurried service at 9 o’clock so you can go play golf and bathe in the sea — listen for your life ! Here is the only message of hope for you. ”    

Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones         



 As the Apostle said to Timothy , he also says to everyone , ‘ Give yourself to reading. ‘ … He who will not use the thoughts of other men’s brains proves he has no brains of his own … you need to read . Renounce as much as you will all light literature , but study as much as possible sound theological works , especially the Puritan writers and expositions of the Bible … the best way for you to spend your leisure is to be either reading or praying .

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

        ” The fact that a Just and Righteous God holds believers and unbelievers alike responsible for obedience to His revelation is irefutable proof that He has made the Truth sufficiently clear to us. To claim that the Bible is not sufficiently clear is to assault God’s own Wisdom and Integrity. ”

John MacArthur

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