BEST OF….. (Don’t Miss The Next Eight)

Christianity In Crisis Part 1 of 4

The next eight videos are a few of my favorites I initially posted a few months ago. If any of our readers have not gone back a few pages , then you missed some of what I feel are the most educational and instructive of all.

Sit back, relax and  ENJOY !…………. OR…….. Sit Back, Watch and PRAY ! ( as I should have originally said. )


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5 Responses to BEST OF….. (Don’t Miss The Next Eight)

  1. Bob:

    I came across from DefCon.

    I’m not sure about you saying:

    “Sit back, relax and ENJOY !”

    This first video at least is anything but relaxing. It is so grievous to hear the lies that spill out of these false teacher’s mouths.

    However, thanks for posting it. It is a good reminder that when we are resting, these false teachers are still at work. May we never slack in preaching the Word!

  2. bobhanks says:

    Nathan , I stand corrected — you are absolutely right. How can we sit back , relax , and enjoy when the topic is so serious ?
    Maybe I should just say, ‘ Sit back , watch, and pray ! ”
    That makes more sense.
    Thanks for visiting my site. God Bless !


  3. Bob:

    Thanks for the correction and the admonition to pray. 🙂

  4. theoldadam says:


    Wow, I learned quite a bit from those audio clips.

    I learned that when you abandon orthodox Christianity for free wheelin’ Pelagianism…you can and will end up all over the map.

    Thanks very much, Bob. Great blog-site! Keep up the good work and don’t stop talking to your billfold…a few extra bucks never hurt anybody.

    – Steve Martin

  5. bobhanks says:

    Thanks Steve ! I appreciate you visiting my humble slice of cyber-space. You are right. Without a sound understading of the Sovereignty of God, your theology will be sorely lacking !

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