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” In EVERYTHING Give Thanks …..” 1Thess. 5:18

Bless God For What Humbles You (John MacArthur) ” We learn more from the Suffering we face than we ever learn from the blessings of life ”           John MacArthur Advertisements

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Arminians Deserve Their OWN 5 Points !… We Have the TULIP !

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What is Salvation ( and Rick Warren ) Really About ?

An Inadequate Gospel – John MacArthur & Todd Friel (Wretched) Listen to the defense of the traditional defense of the Gospel by John MacArthur and Todd Friel. There is compelling evidence that much of what masquerades as “gospel” today is … Continue reading

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A Unique Perspective on Proposition 8

The Kingdom of the Golden Triangles: A Modern Day Parable This is one of the most timely and relevant posts I can imagine. This is a modern day parable from a pastor residing in the hot-bed of controversy, California. Gay … Continue reading

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