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IS There ANYTHING More Important Than Understanding the Gospel ?… Yes ! Believing It !

The Gospel Call by Paul Washer The regular viewer here will notice that most posts of late deal with matters of salvation, the Gospel, and the basics of Soteriology. Actually, the basic theme of our ‘vlog’ is ” Read the … Continue reading

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How Do You KNOW That You’re Saved ?

Trusting in Your Decision -vs- Looking for Fruits of Salvation, Alistair Begg How many times have you heard someone refer to an experience, a date , or a feeling in regards to their salvation ? It is far too easy … Continue reading

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It is CRITICAL that we understand the process of Salvation. How DOES God Redeem Men ?

True, Spiritual Conversion v. A False, Hypocritical, Manmade One This is an excellent summary of a series on Salvation as seen on Cross TV. Get a notepad and pen — you will want to take notes on this one.

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Moving from Preaching to Meddling…

—— John Piper on ‘ Television ‘  —– ” Turn the TV off ! It isn’t necessary for relevance. It is a deadly place to rest the mind. You are least capable of critical interaction. It’s pervasive banality, sexual innuendo … Continue reading

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