Moving from Preaching to Meddling…

—— John Piper on ‘ Television ‘  —–

” Turn the TV off ! It isn’t necessary for relevance. It is a deadly place to rest the mind. You are least capable of critical interaction. It’s pervasive banality, sexual innuendo and God ignoring values have no enabling effect upon the human soul. It kills the spirit. It drives away God. It quenches prayer. It blocks out the Bible. It cheapens the soul. It destroys spiritual power. It defiles almost everything. ”   

Wow. That’s convicting. OK , we all have a TV. Some people have several. I guess if I think really hard I can come up with a name or two of someone I know who dosen’t have one. Most probably for spiritual reasons they either threw the thing out at one point, or decided not to repair or replace an ailing unit. But the other 99.9% have one. In America, even ” poor ” people have a TV , maybe even one of those big , tricked out , flat screen jobs !

Now don’t get ahead of me. I’m not one of those ” the DEVIL invented hell-a-vision ” types. Nothing wrong with it of and by itself . But I have to admit that even if you only watch ” the good stuff ” , you can still waste a lot of hours sitting in front of the proverbial ” one-eyed monster. ” Now the definition of ” good stuff ” will vary from person to person. That can be problematic ; the Bible says we can deceive ourselves. But even if we do watch only suitable programing , we can still waste alot of time. How many hours do we spend looking at TV ? How many hours do we spend in Bible study and prayer ?… Ouch !

My point is that TV is like dessert. The occasional treat will not do you harm, but too many, and you can become physically ( and spiritually ) sick !

Think about it !

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