Bible Translation Controversy

Which KJV? King James Only Part 1

I have no ax to grind with the 1611 King James Version of the Bible. I have a copy and have had one or more for years. I believe it to be a competent and trustworthy translation, though the language is awkward and confusing at times.
I DO take issue with those who maintain that the KJV is the ONLY legitimate translation today and is in fact ” God’s Word for the English speaking world. ”
This goes too far. There are other good translations out there. I prefer the NASB.
This is a major issue with some. I post this as a primer on the subject of KJV Only-ism.
For more info see
BTW,I’m not wild about the background music on this one. Feel free to turn your speakers down.
The written content is the main attraction. It’s solid and well researched.

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One Response to Bible Translation Controversy

  1. Joi says:

    Personally, I think everyone should simply focus on reading the Bible – and if the KJV is too difficult to understand, they should find a version that isn’t.

    It’s like Shakespeare – some people read the words and have little question marks dancing around their head. That’s why they have Shakespeare printed in easier to comprehend forms.

    However, I believe that the KJV, as well as Shakespeare, are anything but “awkward.” I think they’re absolutely beautiful. Then again, I love latin, classical literature, etc. – so, I’m completely at home with the older writing style.

    The main thing, as you so brilliantly point out – is to read God’s word!

    I love the fact that you highlight Phillipians 4:8 by the way – it’s one of my favorite verses in the Bible (any version!).

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