Q & A Friday: Are you a Dispensationalist?

Very much on the same page, theologically speaking. Read Matt Weymeyer’s article, too.

February 16, 2007 in Q&A Friday with 41 Comments

Labels are often difficult. It is usually better to define terms before endorsing or rejecting them.

By saying I am a dispensationalist I mean the following:

  1. I see a distinction between the church and the nation of Israel
  2. I see a future for the nation of Israel
  3. I employ a consistent literal historical-grammatical approach to Bible interpretation
  4. The major theme in the Scriptures is the glory of God

Also, by saying I am a dispensationalist I also believe the following:

  1. I do not see multiple ways of salvation in the Bible, sinners are saved by grace through faith (whether Paul or Abraham, cf. Rom. 4.1-5)
  2. I do not believe that some parts of the New Testament are not for us today (i.e. the Sermon on the Mount)
  3. I do not believe that Jesus may be our Savior without being our Lord

Some people think it is odd that we could be both Reformed and Dispensational. I like to remind folks that it is the same approach to the Bible that produces both for me. I am not Reformed because Calvin was Reformed and I am not Dispensational because Ryrie is. I think the Bible teaches Reformed soteriology (doctrine of salvation) and Dispensational eschatology (doctrine of things to come).

Here is a really good article on Dispensationalism by Matt Weymeyer that I would commend to you.

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