Valuable and Helpful for Readers !

I found this very applicable and helpful to me, personally.

Think On These Things (Philippians 4:8)

Four Temptations: How Internet Habits Can Cripple Book Reading

Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony ReinkeView at WTSBooks

Below are some excellent thoughts from Lit! by Tony Reinke.

More on Christian Reading & Literature 

Fragmented Browsing vs. Sustained Comprehension

The Internet is designed to encourage us to browse information, not to slowly read and digest it. We jump from link to link and are driven by distraction. Book reading, on the other hand, can’t happen without disciplined and sustained linear concentration. Instead of browsing for fragments of information, we must learn to become deep thinkers who work hard to comprehend (2 Tim. 2:7).

If we fill our lives with fragments of information, our brains will adapt and our concentration will weaken. We will begin to…

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