Inspiring True Story

Saved by Jesus Christ: An Atheist Leaves the Religion of Atheism


Every day, we receive dozens (if not hundreds) of emails at Living Waters–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Nothing encourages us more than emails like the one we received today from Don.


Hello On The Box

I’ve been watching your show for a month.

I was an atheist for 22 years. Two months ago a Christian friend gave me a copy of Ray’s book, ‘You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think’. God really used this book to open my eyes. I have only one friend who kept trying to reach me. He cared enough about my soul and where I would spend eternity not to give up on me. I would never listen to anyone on the subject of God, and most certainly if you tried to talk to me about it…I would end up getting angry. I was one of those angry skeptics. Great idea, to have an atheist foreword the book….and he asks, “Are you up for the challenge?” That really grabs your attention!

I mocked and ridiculed anyone who believed in God. I called evil good and good evil. Most certainly, “atheism is the epitome of stupidity” like Ray says. I was one of those unreasonable people. The book left me with NO reason for why I didn’t believe in God. The reality is true, I didn’t want to be morally responsible to God; I loved sin too much, so I denied the existence of God. No other reason. For the first time, it got me out of my stupidity and shocked me back into reality. I began to fear the “unknown” of what would happen if I died. I began to fear hell…terribly. The truth is, I never thought any further than my nose.

I was soundly saved out of atheism! I can say praise God! It is only by his grace that I am even saved today. I put on the Lord Jesus Christ and repented of my wicked, blaspheming ways! I am thankful to God for his patience! God’s patience can only last for so long. I cannot sit by, and watch as my family, friends, or anyone be sent to hell. I am so excited to share with others what has happened to me, and I have already been able to share the truth with one of my atheist friends. I am going to give them a copy of Ray’s book.

I am reading my Bible, and I’ve visited the church my friend attends.

On The box is great! A great help in learning how to witness. Thank you for your ministry. Stay encouraged and don’t give up on anyone.

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