Re-Thinking the ‘Altar Call’ courtesy of Old

Think On These Things (Philippians 4:8)

Altar Calls In The First 1800 Years Of The Church

One may read thousands of pages of the history of the Christian Church without finding a single reference to the ‘old-fashioned altar call’ before the 19th century. Most Christians are surprised to learn that history before the time of Charles G. Finney (1792-1875) knows nothing of this type of ‘invitation’.

The practice of urging men and women to make a physical movement at the conclusion of a meeting was introduced by Mr. Finney in the second decade of the nineteenth century. Dr. Albert B. Dod, a professor of theology at Princeton Seminary at the time of Mr. Finney’s ministry, pointed out the newness of the practice and showed that this method was without historical precedent.

The preceding words are from James E. Adams’ work entitled
“Decisional Regeneration”. Adam’s historical review continues . . .

In his review of Finney’s Lectures…

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  1. Tommy B says:

    Did you watch or hear John Piper’s recent talk at Together for the Gospel. All in all a good presentation, which really pains me because the ending was so bad. Of course, the ending is what many good men and trusted teachers just swooned over. Take a look:

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